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Learn how to master sales conversations to monetize your expertise and convert your audience into paying clients.


Ready to level up your sales? You’re in the right place.

unfortunately you didn’t realize selling was going to take up 99.9% of your attention. You’ve tried other coaches' sales systems, but it’s like wearing a bulky sweater under a coat, you feel constricted and just can’t get comfy. 

You launched your business because you have a passion… 

The only no nonsense sales coach that translates real world sales tactics into non-spammy social selling strategies for online entrepreneurs who are running authentic businesses in an era where mistrust runs rampant on the internet.


Enter Grace, your

sales fairy godmother.  

I teach you to find, sign, and keep your “hit me baby one more time” clients without feeling pushy, sleazy or like a used car salesman. 

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Your business is only as strong as the foundation you build it on. Knowing the systems, marketing strategies, and sales conversion techniques from jumpstart will help you save money and years. 

You have all the people… But now what?!? It’s time to create a sales system that converts your adoring audience into paying clients without overwhelm and burnout. You’ve built it… now it’s time to master your process.



(for those of you afraid to admit you don’t know what a “lead magnet” is)

(for those who want to convert their audience, not just “inspire” them)

“I have had so much success and people signing up for my class!! I am so thankful for the work Grace does.”

- Nicole Briggs, Finding Zen & Joy

“Grace’s client attraction system breaks things down into logical steps that are easy to implement. Grace makes growing my business fun!”

- Terry McDougall, Executive & Career Coach

“I had 8 sales calls (thanks to Grace’s formula!). I got 6 yes’s and sold 3 of my higher priced packages!”

- Meredith Brough, Sweet Slumber Coach

"Grace really brings out the best in me and helps me show up 100% for my business and clients."

- Jamila McMallow, Life & Relationship Strategist

I’m also the woman who sold a million dollars worth of sandwiches in less than a year. Here’s why that matters to you, in order to sell that many sandwiches (an unsexy product) I had to have a clear understanding of who my actual customer was (executive assistants) and what they needed (high-end lunch catering at the last minute) and what strategy needed to be shifted in order to do what others had tried and thought was impossible. This is what we’ll bring to your business. This is how we’ll sell your "sandwiches." 

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I’m Grace.

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