I’m Grace – a sales coach and biz mentor who believes you have the power to sell.


I’m Grace – a sales coach and biz mentor who believes you have the power to sell.


“After selling millions of dollars worth of sandwiches, Grace Napolitano continues on to build her multi-million dollar empire.”

While I’d love to share an oh-so-sexy rags to riches story here, the truth is I bombed my next sales gig… 

Even with my sandwich success, I didn’t feel like I “made it.” So when the “big boys” called (hello, CBS radio) the imposter syndrome kicked in… New level, new problems. I had the strategy down pat, but the mindset wasn’t quite on board yet. I felt like I was playing dress up, pretending to be a salesperson. My sales tanked.

It turns out sales power is not Maybelline, and maybe she really isn’t born with it. None of us are. None of us can succeed in sales without knowing real world sales techniques comboed with that “eye of the tiger” mindset that allows you to show up day in and day out without feeling deflated or burnt out. 


Girl, I wish it was that easy….

I finally hit my limit. 

After continually trying to sell to all the wrong people, I ended up with a lap full of boiling hot tea (thanks shady nightclub owner who kept stringing me along).

So back to my sales tale of woe…

It was time to pull up my big girl panties, take a hard look at who was really going to buy from me and what I had to believe ABOUT MYSELF to start getting to YES. It was time to leave behind that debilitating belief that I wasn’t good enough to allow my sales mastery to finally take off. 

It wasn’t being trained by the top corporate sales trainers and it wasn't after trying oh so many different sales techniques. Nope, it took being burned (literally and figuratively) to dig deep to make a change.

and leader of international sales teams. I have since been able to translate these skills to a multi-six figure business where I get to teach women, just like you, how to do the same.

Let’s skip your boiling tea moment and get to work. You are beyond capable of getting the same result I did, it’s just a matter of putting all the right
pieces together.

I became one of the most
sought after salespeople...

The results?


PR Coordinator for Playboy licensing (yes, that Playboy)


Begrudgingly takes Catering Sales position (sells $1M sandwiches in a year)


First multi-six figure deal closed (it's all happening)


My boiling hot water moment (what the actual F am I doing?!?)


Luxury Lifestyle Ad Director (my red carpet & celeb days… sales mastery level 1 zillion)


Youngest Publisher of a Major City Title (imposter syndrome in full effect)


Launch Biz with Grace (I’m in my sales happy place)


Hit 6 figures in 6 months (I think we’re on to something here)


Creating Conversion Queens & Badass Bosses (all day, every day)


and beyond

I won’t just drop a bunch of sales knowledge into your lap and Houdini my way out. I’m here to make sure you succeed. 

The only way to sell is to sell with integrity.

Manipulating your way into a sale is gross. Using scare tactics is gross. So when you try to use these methods you’re going to feel…you guessed it…gross. We’ve all been on the receiving end of these shady moves, so why would you want to use them in your own business? You don't. 

Once you’ve got my technique down, the yes's start rolling in. Does it happen in a day?  No. Which is why I’m with you every step of the way holding your hand.

I teach integrity based marketing techniques that call in the right person and repel the wrong person so you never have to feel like you’re forcing a sale. It’s all organic. 

Because selling out your services doesn’t have to mean selling out on your values. 

- GRACE Napolitano

I know you are ready and able to become a sought after expert in your field. It’s time for you to step into your power so that… 

I'm here to help you...

Enough about me,

You run a successful business without sleepless nights





You sign clients with your morals still in tack

Your clients come knocking on your door

Your pricing reflects what your services are worth

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