Selling should be simple.
You just have to be shown the way!

But I'm here to tell you...
There are just 3 simple steps to generating income in your business.
Attract Clients > Convert Clients > Service Clients

I get it you are overwhelmed by all the “sell this way” or “attract clients that way.”

But I'm here to tell you...
There are just 3 simple steps to generating income in your business.

Attract Clients > Convert Clients > Service Clients

10K the Easy Way Online Course

This online course is built to meet you right where you are at in your business building journey. It’s designed to present to you all of the options for you to choose from to set up your business according to what feels right for you. 

You’ll get a full explanation as to why sales techniques are implemented the way they are. While this is a DIY course, sometimes you want a little extra love and attention to hash out all your ideas. You’ll have an option to add on some private work too!

Ways to Work Together

The dreaded friend zone is horrible in dating and even worse when you’re trying to make some serious cash in your business. “Oh my God your posts are so amazing,” is just not cutting it for you anymore... you’re ready to make some cold hard cash.

This signature private program is for the business owner who has dealt with her social media aversions, built an audience, books calls, but can’t quite get them to hand over their cc info... A couple tweaks here, and snip or two there and you’ll never hear “I have to check with my husband” again.

Conversion Queen 1:1 Signature Program

Here’s Step Three

Here’s Step TWO

Here’s Step ONE

How It Works

Determine where you are at in your business. Are you looking to DIY to get a strong base knowledge or get customized coaching to fast pace your success?

It’s super simple… either click to purchase 10K the Easy Way to start learning today or click to schedule a Strategy Session with me for a customized private program.

Exhale. Let go of your overwhelm, know that because you’ve made the decision to work with me, you now have a true partner in your journey and success.


(No getting rid of me now!)

"I had 8 sales calls (thanks to Grace’s formula!). I got 6 yes’s and sold 3 of my higher priced packages!"

- Meredith Brough, Sweet Slumber Coach

“Grace is essentially a business butt kicker that’s also nice enough to hold your hand!”

- Alison Jack, Admire Events

“Grace is an absolute badass. She tells you the truth you need to hear to be successful and KNOW YOUR WORTH.”

- Jen Capstraw, Marketing Evangelist, Idea Generator

It’s time to call in Grace, if…

You are overwhelmed with all the things... challenges, reels, webinar, email sequences, fb ads, landing pages, sales funnels... (I can go on and on here)





You don’t feel smart, experienced, educated,(fill in the blank) enough to work with a certain type of person.

The thought of posting on social media every day is a vomit inducing thought.

You are so very sick of hearing how inspiring you are, but no one seems
to bite (i.e. pay you)

You just really want a sales system that is easy and flowy. That doesn’t consume every minute of your waking day (and sleepless nights)


Looking back now you actually can’t see what all the fuss was about. Sales is so simple.  You're making the money you only dreamed of, your heart is full with all the adoring clients you work with. You are part of the 1% of women who run a 6 figure business, but now you are one of the lucky few who get to do it with ease and flow....
Not burnout and overwhelm.


And you didn’t die... 

You Embraced Sales!

You Did It!

This is Your Time to Shine!

It all starts with one 30 minute conversation to strategize the plan for your business success.