Don't think you can sell?

Neither did these women when we first started working together. Soon I'll be sharing your success story with the ladies below.  

"Since learning the Close It Method, I've had a 100% close ratio. I show up authentically on calls and my future clients are excited."

— Alyssa Hawn, Holistic Health Coach

I started working with Grace because I was really struggling with my sales calls. I hated selling but after just a few weeks into my 3 month coaching program, I signed up 4 new clients making £15,000.

She makes sales non-salesy, easy and teaches you how to be really authentic when trying to close a sale. I would call Grace the sales queen and highly recommend working with her if you want to learn how to close sales without feeling icky.

- Sona Pala, Recovery Coach for Women

“Grace really helped me to realize that when it came to sales and creating new clients, I had to find my own way. I could use what I had learned from various trainings and books, but ultimately I was going to have to assimilate it in a way that worked for ME."

She empowered me to trust myself and listen to what feels right and natural according to my communication style and strengths. She also inspired me to get serious about tracking my activity and results so I know what’s working and what’s not so that I’m staying focused on the things that are actually growing my business and creating income. Now I feel this deepened sense of confidence and knowing that everything I want my business to become is right around the corner - in fact, it’s happening!

What I really love about working with Grace though, is her approach - she’s practical, results-oriented, and driven just like me – so she really brings out the best in me and helps me to show up 110% for my business and clients. I highly recommend any entrepreneur that is struggling with sales or client creation/attraction contact Grace ASAP – don’t waste any more time or leaving money on the table from all the clients you could have right now.”

— Jamilia McMallow, Life & Relationship Strategist

“I am so excited about all of the tools you have given me, Grace. It was impossible before, and I kept running into dead ends that sucked the life out of me."

I was in the worst slump when we started, not signing any new clients for over a month. Now I feel like I am on fire and I am loving it. You held my hand and cheered me on as I unleashed my success. I couldn’t have done this without you.

— Meredith Borough, Child Sleep Consultant

The last two months have doubled what I used to make, and I know that those numbers are only the beginning of good things to come. Just like everything I hoped I would gain from you has turned out to be SO MUCH MORE THAN I IMAGINED I COULD HAVE. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

"Grace is the REAL DEAL! When she says “No BS” she means it. Grace understands business and tunes in to what you and your specific business need."

I have always been social media averse and Grace helped me get over this. Her enthusiastic attitude is contagious and very motivating. She immediately helped me learn how to gain more clients—not just leads, but clients who were the right fit and willing to pay my fee. Within hours of our first call, she encouraged me to reach out to potential clients with whom I had consultations. I had followed up with them previously and figured they were dead ends. Grace gave me very specific language to use on these calls and immediately I signed two of my highest paying clients.

- Lisa Goldstein, College Admissions Strategist

Working with Grace has been one of the best business decisions I have made—she is determined to see you succeed and will make sure you have the tools to do so.
I felt so much more confident and clear in my business with Grace in my corner.”

Grace has been amazing at helping me streamline my workload and make a shift to getting my business where it needs to be so that I can be present for my kids and make money."

We started working together right before the pandemic, and she has been instrumental in helping me craft a vision for my future and taking the necessary steps to get there—all while calling me out on any limiting beliefs that are holding me back. Currently, because I’m with my young kids all day with no access to daycare, I get very little time to work, and that time is often broken up into small bits. But this month, I have exceeded my sales goal while working fewer hours than I thought possible. I am so grateful that she can be a force of change in my life and business!”

- Jessica Migala, Creative Content Strategist

“There’s good business advice with methods and tactics, etc. and then there’s strategic and sage business advice coupled with “get your butt in gear”, “let’s do this” momentum. Business with Grace is that second one—fierce and empowering."

I’ve known Grace for five years —since our days together in News Media advertising sales and marketing. I am ecstatic to have her in my corner as my business coach while I launch my design company. In just our first two sessions together, I’ve created a new brand name, business plan, pricing structure and target client roster. The candour and expert advice from Grace has re-energized me. I am well on my way to fulfilling my life-long dream of building something special!”

- Lena McDonough, Creative Director/Marketing Strategist

When I first spoke with Grace I wasn’t planning on engaging her as a business coach. It was just a coffee chat to get to know someone in my network. By the end of the call, I wanted to engage her. 

 Grace helped me to get out of my box in terms of using social media as a marketing tool, she coached me on having more confidence, and helped me refine my sales process and methods. I engaged her again to help with a specific project at work and she prepped me incredibly well so that I could have the most successful result possible."

- Jamie Sternberg, Trademark & Copyright lawyer

“As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to lose balance as you are bombarded with a boundless stream of priorities. Working with Grace has helped me shift my mindset to focus more clearly on the vision I have for scaling my business."

Grace has encouraged me to build a stronger business plan, provided strategies on client management, and inspires me to remain focused on my top priorities. She asks the right questions to move your focus from “in the weeds” to strategic steps to attain your greater vision. Grace is a fabulous coach who will work with you to help you uncover and smash your inner obstacles!”

- Amy Adams, AJA Marketing

“Sometimes as a business owner you get caught up in your own fog. Instantly Grace was able to identify my own strengths and weaknesses, ..."

create a clear and actionable plan to move me and my business forward. Within weeks I’d moved the needle forward on my business and plans that had been sitting on the shelf for years. Thank you, Grace, for bring back the passion to my business.”

- Alison Jack, Admire Events

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